Vote Art Tuma for Congress in 2014!

Hello, I'm Art Tuma, Libertarian candidate for Congress in California's 7th congressional district. I believe liberty and freedom can be restored and protected by a Libertarian controlled Congress, which will limit national government programs to those authorized by the Constitution of the United States of America.

As your Congressman, I will work to restore and protect liberty, by defending your rights to life, property and the pursuit of happiness!

As your Congressman, I will protect your freedom to:

  • Worship the religion of your choice
  • Choose how you live your own life
  • Choose how you spend your income
  • Choose how you invest for early financial independence and/or retirement
  • Choose how you manage the environment on your own property

As your Congressman, I will improve our communities by working to:

  • Reduce taxes for all
  • Defend against private property condemnation by eminent domain
  • Release federal property to private ownership
  • Defend against federal Drug Enforcement Agency raids, property confiscation and incarceration
  • Divert Central Valley waste water away from drinking-water sources

As your Congressman, I will defend our security by working to:

  • Improve military intelligence
  • Intervene earlier against attacks by Islamist terrorists, N. Korean communists, and other purveyors of anti-American deceit in global news networks
  • Restore peace by winning lasting victory over aggressors
  • Win peace by quick victory with minimal collateral damage

Find out more about me at Smart Voter.

Thank you for supporting liberty and freedom!

Douglas Arthur Tuma
Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Representative
CA Congressional District 7